Cwm Mawr

Newgale cliff side dwelling

Planning permission recently awarded for a new KinverKreations Designed house. Situated about 35m from the cliff edge in Penycwm, adjacent to Newgale. Cwm Mawr sits in 16 acres in the Welsh National Park at the western end of Newgale beach, approximately 3 miles from Solva.

The house will also have direct access to Cwm Bach beach.

We've been appointed to design, manage and deliver this once in a life time home. around 400sqm in footprint, this low impact, green dwelling will capture the panoramic coastal views with large walls of glass. Open plan living and careful landscaping will create a wonderful environment.

The valley is full of hardy willow trees and includes two ponds that serve as fresh water nesting areas for ducks and other wildfowl. Peregrines, sparrow hawks and other raptors are found among the surrounding ridges.

A grand design, but understated design. The curved concrete roof will have vernacular living plants and fauna to help permit the home to grow and live out of the hillside.

A wonderful project and we cant wait to get builders underway in Spring 2018.